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Automatic thermal paper slitting machine PPD-A1000
Automatic thermal paper slitting machine » PPD-A1000

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Automatic thermal paper slitting machine

Automatic thermal paper slitting machines is Ideal for ATM/POS/FAX/Small Thermal Rolls/NCR Rolls,Bond paper roll Slitting&Rewinding.

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Automatic thermal paper slitting machine Details

Ideal for ATM/POS/FAX/Small Thermal Rolls/NCR Rolls,Bond paper roll  Slitting&Rewinding,Production complete With Auto Loading of Unwind Jumbo Rolls
Auto Loading of Re-wind paper feeding into the Rewinding station,auto unloading when product is ready from rewinding station.
PLC programe Control/Touch Color Screen,Auto control of magnetic powder break system,It is compact,Steady for performing,Easy for operation,High production speed.
1, net unwinding paper width          1000mm
2, unwinding paper roll diameter      1000mm
3, rewinding paper roll diameter      max200mm
4, slitting paper width               20-1000mm
5, motor power                        5kw
6,upside round knife :9 sets, out Φ105mm,inner Φ70mm×1.2mm thick
7,downside round knife :9 sets  outΦ90mm  innerΦ65mm
8, rewinding paper shaft :option size offer max 3 size,2 each
9, PLC control system                   yes
10, automatic length counting device       yes
11, brake: pneumatic brake device        yes
12,speed      max168m/min
13,weight     1.9ton
14Power supply:option
Suitable for all product raw materials
Thermal Paper Rolls
POS - Electronic Cash Register Rolls
ATM - Bank Rolls
Bank Tele printer Rolls
Receipt Ticketing Machine Rolls
Medical Report Rolls
Electronic Credit Card Slip Rolls
NCR Rolls
Bond Paper Rolls
All type of small paper rolls
Special design and made-to-order for unwind mother rolls
These range of machines are specially designed with the incorporation of the
best features available from Germany and Japanese Slitting & Rewinding
Production Machine & latest Technologies available
The selected parts and components are basically supplied by leading overseas
manufacturing plants in China
High precision, user friendly, easy operation and maintenance
Auto tension, paper feeding, adjustment & alignment control
Auto control length meter with alarm upon complete rewinding
Complete with ink end-roll marking to distance program by meter
Digital Computerized Control Panel Board
for all movement, adjustment and others
Machine comes with TOP Rotary Slitting Knives and Slitting Holders
Lists of LOWER Rotary Slitting Knives & Spacers suitable for maximum 4 rewind
small roll width (to be advised by buyers)
Complete set of essential machine tool kits
English Instruction/Manual Book + VCD on machine set-up & VCD on machine
in production (taken at one converting factory in China)
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