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Automatic cash roll slitter rewinder PPD-PLY900
Automatic cash roll slitter rewinder » PPD-PLY900

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Automatic cash roll slitter rewinder

Automatic cash roll slitter rewinder is new model for 2019 for automatic paper core loading machine to co-work with main slitting rewinding machine.

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Automatic cash roll slitter rewinder Details

Automatic cash roll slitter rewinderpneumatic cash register paper roll slitter rewinder machine, it is completed with automatic core loading machine to co-work with main slitting rewidning machine for high speed production,it is high output with less labor involved for high lever automatiion.
it is with auto raw material loading, automatic magnetic powder tension control, touch screen operation data setting and PLC program control, frequency control and full pneumatic operation, compact structure, adjustable paper roll, accurate cutting , reliable performance, simple operation and so on. It is suitable for thermal paper,includes cash register paper,adding roll,ecg roll, fax paper and ticketing roll cutting, etc. Meter setting can be set directly on the touch screen.
First, technical parameters:
Unwinding maximum width 800/900mm
Unwinding maximum diameter 1000mm             
Minimum slitting width >20mm
Mother roll core diameter 76mm
Maximum rewinding diameter 180mm
Product roll core diameter ф8-ф50mm
Maximum cutting speed 0-150m/min
Power supply 220V/50HZ/2.2KW
Air supply 0.6Mpa
Dimensions 1700 × 1600 × 1600mm
Weight 1500KG
Note: Due to different reel specifications, the winding diameter is different. Special specification machine, single layer 110mm, double layer 55mm, three layers 45mm
Second, JB900FQ single layer slitting machine configuration:
1. Automatic tension control system, 10 kg magnetic powder brake
2, frequency converter frequency control
3, Siemens PLC, touch screen and Siemens electrical control system
4, automatic raw material loading device
5, air shaft
6, automatic marking device
7, automatic metering counting device
8, wind to send waste device
9, configuration of 16 knives
10, configuration slitting size: 56mm, 75mm, 80mm
11. configuration 2 sets of ф12mm winding mandrel, and give 2 different sizes.
12, using tools and other standard configurations
13 Delivery time: within 15 working days 
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