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Features of each part of PPD series paper slitter:Update: 2022-10-11

I. Unwinding section:

1. Three inch air expansion shaft

2. The hydraulic oil cylinder is used for automatic feeding. Simply put the material on the ground and click the hydraulic switch to easily and conveniently load


II. Unwinding tension control:

1. 10kg/m2 magnetic powder brake is used for unwinding part to control the tension during material operation

2. There is a perfect computer PLC system program to control the transmission of tension, which is easy to operate


III. Cutting position:

1. The machine is equipped with a round knife. The lower round knife adopts the overall spacer way. The customer only needs to install the width of the upper spacer to pack the width of the product, and adjust the coordination between the upper and lower round knives to cut the material, so as to ensure that the material cutting does not bite the paper

2. The machine is equipped with meter wheel. As long as the length is set on the touch screen, the machine will stop automatically when it runs to the specified length


IV. Winding part:

1. The machine is equipped with 12.7mm and 15mm reels, which can also be customized according to customer requirements

2. The automatic paper inserting angle can be adjusted to complete the paper inserting action

3. The pressure regulating valve regulates the pressure of the pressure roller to ensure that the air pressure is always consistent during the operation of the machine.


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