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The usage of thermal paperUpdate: 2022-08-20

Thermal paper is used as a communication carrier of text and graphics on fax machines, that is, as fax paper; used as recording materials in medical and measurement systems, such as electrocardiographic drawings, thermal instrument recording paper, etc.; In terms of commercial activities, it is used to make trademarks, signatures (POS), etc., of which the consumption of fax paper accounts for a large proportion.
The production principle of thermal paper is to coat fine powder on the ordinary paper base, the composition is leuco dye phenol or other acidic substances, separated by a film, under heating conditions, the film melts, and the powder mixes to develop a color reaction. The colored handwriting on the paper is unstable and easy to fade, making the content of the document difficult to read. The most commonly used lottery tickets are thermal paper.
Ordinary thermal paper is not suitable for long-term storage, but good thermal paper can be stored for 30 years or more. 

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