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What affects thermal paper quality?Update: 2022-08-03

Thermal paper is generally divided into three layers, the bottom layer is the paper base, the second layer is the thermal coating, the third layer is the protective layer, the printing roll paper, the thermal coating and the protective layer mainly affect its quality.

If the coating of the thermal paper is not uniform, it will cause the printing to be dark in some places and light in some places, and the printing quality will be significantly reduced. If the chemical formula of the thermal coating is unreasonable, the storage time of the printing paper will be changed. Very short, good printing paper can be stored for 5 years after printing (under normal temperature and avoid direct sunlight), and now there are more long-term thermal paper that can be stored for 10 years, but if the formula of the thermal coating is unreasonable , may only be kept for a few months.

The protective coating is also critical for the storage time after printing. It can absorb part of the light that causes the thermal coating to react chemically, slow down the deterioration of the printing paper, and protect the thermal components of the printer from damage, but if the protective coating The uneven layer will not only greatly reduce the protection of the thermal coating, but even the fine particles of the protective coating will fall off during the printing process, rubbing the thermal components of the printer, resulting in damage to the thermal components of the printing.

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