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What kind of thermal paper is used for movie tickets?Update: 2022-06-23

The following three types of thermal paper are generally used for movie ticket paper:
1. The movie ticket printing uses three-proof thermal paper. The printing paper weight of the three-proof thermal paper is 80 grams. The standard expression is 80gsm thermal three-proof printing paper, which has the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof, friction-proof and alcohol-proof. It can cope with various complex natural environments and has a long storage period.

2. A special thermal-proof paper for movie tickets. The core of the special paper for movie tickets at this stage is this kind of waterproof and moisture-proof thermal paper. After printing, it will not be easily faded after contact with water, and the printed paper will not be scattered. Can cope with conditions in humid natural environments. The weight of the thermal paper for movie tickets is also 80 grams, which is the current mainstream movie ticket paper base paper.

3. Thermal paper cash register paper, which can be directly printed by using thermal paper of about 70 grams. This kind of thermal paper is relatively common. It is a special thermal paper for supermarkets, and it is not actually a raw material for movie ticket paper. Due to the rising price and cost of thermal paper, more and more people choose to use thermal cash register paper instead of special paper for movie tickets to make printed movie tickets. 

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