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Paper slitting machine is an important equipment in the paper processing industryUpdate: 2022-04-30

Paper slitting machine is an important equipment in the paper processing industry, and paper manufacturers use this equipment almost every day.
If the staff does not pay attention to daily maintenance, there may be some problems in the slitting.
The following are common problems and corresponding solutions.
1. The paper slitting machine is unevenly wound. This situation is mostly due to the inapplicability of the paper tube, as long as the paper tube that meets the required inner diameter is replaced. In addition, this problem can also be avoided by using a rewinding pressure roller during the rewinding process.
2. The slitting and winding material is wrinkled. This is mainly due to the wrong winding tension, adjust the suitable winding tension of the paper slitting machine, use a pressure roller for winding and press the slitting material to the roller before entering the winding paper tube.
3. Inaccurate meter counting. For this problem, the double wheels of the meter wheel can touch the feeding roller at the same time, and make a mark on the meter wheel, and 5 turns by hand is 1 meter, otherwise the meter meter should be replaced.

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